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Harper is a Dj, Singer/Songwriter & Producer Based in the United States.

Harper is a DJ, Techno Deep House Producer Based in United States . Harper SEEN is a dj , singer and music producer that was creating a very loud career for her band and got in creating a big brand called SEEN

She has been performing everywhere in the New York , Los Angeles and Miami and created charity oriented events to help lots of people and kids

Her career started when she was 9-10 years old and she created amazing book of verses and songs by 11 years old that she published in numerous newspapers and performed on the stages in her hometown

Harper SEEN was always creating music since small ages and that is why she got noticed by paople in industry that was calling her out to perform and create a very good vibe with her performances

Big influence in her Music was created by american artists and television and russian rock musicians so she had a very different style and taste than all of the other artists had in the birth country she was born in , she got noticed early and since 4-5 y.o. she was already involving herself in performances and creating live bands with the teenage and childhood friends

After finishing 5 grade she started performing in school and on stages she had vocal couch and her performances was often and she gained popularity in singing on the stage

She almost won some contests and understood that its really wasnt her to perform contests , it was music that moved her the most not contest and she always was acting on the stage very well.

After she finished her vocal school and hight school she wanted continue music education but her family hasn't had luck to pay for it so she got in the lyceum to find a job and get herself education she needed and started working on different jobs since 16 y.o. trying to find her way out of the situation hotdogs banks even cleaning services for dealerships thats all that she had to go thru and modeling was the hit for her to finally earn some money and start developing herself as a producer house singer and music writer , the next thing she moved away to united states and decided to work as a singer for house labels that was offering her to write and release music , she worked for “Wasted Youth” label and continued to create new music for bigger labels thats when she was noticed by Tiesto and got her music played on the one of Best electronic radio station in USA , he like no other he showed her support and she started performing in New York and Los Angeles with artists she worked with in “Lavo” and “True Hollywood”

However she felt that her soul was craving to start creating much deeper records she got involved with deep house scene and could not stop dreaming to make records that would be deep house that was her big step when she realized she found herself in this type of music and everything felt right .

Unlike her personal life that was very sad as she struggled with her bad marriage and very tough divorse she was getting successful and got noticed everywhere fast , she generated a good positive influence in the scene everywhere in the New York and inspired people around her to press harder for their dreams and got to produce her new hit tracks that was deep house tech house popular and her involved in creating charity events of her own that had name “SaveMe” that was also helping art people to get involved in the music and sell their art pieces faster , she created this event and brought attention to the problem of child cancer right away and was helping people thru it .

She worked for good music not for a show and she always wanted to be inspiring to people and be better than she was not for anyone but for herself.

Her biggest goals was always hard to achieve but she liked challenges and she felt that she should bot give up because of the appearance of those on her way , she worked with producers from Kobalt music then she moved forward and continued to creating her music with people from deeper underground scene that was signed to Cityfox and Hot Creation , her records got released very slowly but it was a very good look for her career , she has been releasing short EP “Affair” and it got to the deep house electronic radio stations in Usa and London , Australia and Russia with Ukraine , her music got in numerous top charts and it put her career as a dj on a new level since she was preparing for that since 2014 that it would be much better look for her to start doing djing and learn more music production and create shows and this was the 2016 year when she got popular in usa and started traveling and performing as dj everywhere she went booking full big clubs , venues and performing in some festivals

In 2016 she came up with new brand and called it SEEN Events :

She Has Built Her Art Music Show and Party that is Spreading Worldwide and Has Purpose to Connect Popular DeepHouse - Techno Dj's , Painters & Designers to Create One Of a Kind Spiritual Experience Called 'SEEN'.

Harper has been booked to play and was invited to play the following venues over the past 2 years : ADE 2016 , Brooklyn Music Festival 2016, Puerto Rico Hydra Club, Output Main Stage, Output Halcyon , Sound Nightclub LA, Le Jardin LA, Output The Roof, Marquee NYC, MNTRA Las Vegas, Cielo NYC, HeartNightclub Miami, WMC Miami 2015, SLS Hotel Miami, Members Only Afterhours, Lost Afterhours, The Highline Ballroom, Lavo NYC, W Hotel Hollywood, Verboten, The Gale Hotel MIAMI, Palms Stamford, Wynwood Yard, -Burning Man 2016-

She has her music charted on the Beatport , Traxsourse as well as being placed at #1 by Trackitdown UK. She also received airplay on Sirius Xm Radio, Electric Area (USA), Kiss Fm (World). The EP held the #1 place on Kiss FM radio chart top 10 for a month (Australia).


Harper's social artist  profiles : Instagram (instagram.com/lanaharperseen), Facebook (facebook.com/harperseen), Twitter (twitter.com/name.harper) and Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/harperseen).